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An Extended Review of Merton Strommen's 
"The Church and Homosexuality: Searching for a Middle Ground" (1st edition)

copyright 2002 by Tim Fisher

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Dr. Strommen seriously mishandles the social science research on homosexuality in a number of ways. In fact, his book is characterized by such missteps. What follows is a discussion of some of the instances of poor research, organized by the book’s own chapter titles. The instances are of several types. In his book, Dr. Strommen

1) Fails to recognize and report important limitations of research sampling.

2) Cites research which, in its particulars, does not support his thesis. That is, the research he cites does not prove what he says it proves.

3) Fails to account for numerous valid research studies which seriously challenge his thesis. 

4) Fails to recognize serious flaws in research methodologies, flaws which have been amply discussed in major research journals.

5) Fails to adequately recognize the crucial distinction between, and complicated interaction of, homosexual orientation and behavior.

Tim Fisher is a writer and independent scholar. He is a graduate of St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN) and The American University (Washington, DC). He lives in Minneapolis, MN.